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December 13th 2018

it's almost the NEW year
isn't that neat?
we got a new tv

January 3rd 2018

it's the new year.
... what is there more to say?

December 7th 2017

happy christmas-wait, that's not how you say it.
anyways, i updated the site. there's a new secret and now
everything is centered. oh,
and now there's an annoying tiling trippy gif background.
yeah. i know, it's horrendous.
..okay, i'll change it later.

September 12th 2017

yo i'm not dead
that's about it
oh and i uploaded some more filler on my channel

June 30th 2017

epitoaster found the secret, c o n g r a t a t i o n

June 27th 2017

some youtuber said my site "loox good" so that's cool

June 26th 2017

i got gmod ay

May 5th 2017 (Posted on June 26th, 2017)

i made a GUI for minecraft or something

(made for 1.11.2 - tested and working in 1.12)